John Paul College: Guidelines of Use and Privacy Policy




John Paul College provides 'JPCweb' and 'JPCNet' to support the learning, teaching and operational needs of the college and for communication between members of the College Community. Use of 'JPCweb' and 'JPCNet' by Staff ,Students and Parents is governed by the Appropriate use of Information and Communication Technology Policy which is deemed to be accepted at login time.

Regardless of your relationship with John Paul College, 'JPCweb' and 'JPCNet' must only be used to support the learning, teaching and operational activities of John Paul College. Take care when adding information to 'JPCweb' and 'JPCNet', in particular make sure that what you add is not offensive, threatening, defamatory, racist, discriminatory or illegal. Inappropriate use of 'JPCweb' and 'JPCNet' may result in the loss of access for the person or people responsible.

Staff, Students and Parents are issued with unique account credentials for 'JPCweb' and 'JPCNet', these are used to determine which information is accessible to the account holder. Do not use someone else's account to access 'JPCweb' and 'JPCNet'. Any information that you add to 'JPCweb' and 'JPCNet' will be widely available to other 'JPCweb' and 'JPCNet' users unless you take steps to deliberately restrict access. For this reason it is best to assume that whatever you add is visible to all 'JPCweb' and 'JPCNet' users.

John Paul College continuously monitors the use of 'JPCweb' and 'JPCNet' to ensure that use complies with the above guidelines. Any information that you contribute to 'JPCweb' and 'JPCNet' is identifiable to you along with the date and time of the contribution. Individual 'JPCweb' and 'JPCNet' pages may be inspected for compliance with the above guidelines at any time.